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In today's world of downsizing, and high costs of living, it usually requires BOTH parties to a marriage to  have "jobs" if they are to raise and educate their children adequately.

A Home Based business can allow one parent to remain home to supervise and care for the children.

MLM is the safest and easiest Home Based Business.





Most companies are private and debt free. Check their credentials and you have financial security







NOTE:- Some features refer to consumerable products


1.  NO capital requirement

2.  NO debtors or creditors.

3.  NO employees.

4.  NO stock to carry or stock control or storage

5.  NO payroll tax

6.  NO superannuation payments

7.  NO holiday loading

8.  NO penalty rates

9.  NO workers compensation payments

10.  NO fringe benefits tax.

11.  NO training levy

12.  NO rent.

13.  NO legal fees.

14.  NO borrowings.

15.  NO limit on your earnings.

16.  NO bad debts.

17.  NO costly Franchise Fee

18.  NO need to give up your present employment

19.  No experience necessary

20.  No special qualifications required

21.  FREEDOM to run YOUR business YOUR way.

22.  Willable ongoing business & income.

23.  Tax advantages.

24.  Personal challenge.

25.  Family participation.

26.  Travel & contacts.

27.  Part time or full time.

28.  Not tied to an office or desk.

29.  Not tied to a 9 to 5 routine

30.  Opportunity to contribute to others and help them succeed.

31.  Credit card / bank transfers for easy ordering

32.  Direct delivery to your door if you are in a consumerable products network

33.  Minimal paperwork as most done by the company computers

34.  Minimal Accounting costs

35.  Good support system

36.  On the job training

37.  Unlimited potential

38.  Low risk

39.  Terrific Products

40.  Low Capital Investment

41.  Operate a world wide business

42.  Live anywhere in the world

43.  Can have members anywhere in the world in your business




1.  A HOME based business.

2.  A business of your own - without having to give up your present JOB. (Sometimes referred to as Just Over Broke )

3.  Saleable Asset

4.  Willable asset.

5.  YOU totally control your time

6.  Income is only limited by the size of the business YOU build.

7.  Normal business tax deductions which apply in YOUR country

8.  Security through residual income.

9.  Travel which may be tax deductible.

10.  Small investment / start up cost

11.  Enormous growth potential.

12.  New friends/ Positive people.

13.  Personal challenge.

14.  Perfect retirement income / possibly better than superannuation!

15.  A stress free lifestyle.

16.  Proven system of business success.

17.  No financial risk.

18.  Build an income for your children and grandchildren

19.  Support in your business

20.  YOU can create an International Business

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